combatting the heat and vip fashion day!


It’s been a hot day!  I’m still learning!  We have to drink lots to stop becoming dehydrated, but we also have to keep output thick.  Well, I drank a lot but as for the second, hmm! I guess it’s an excuse to eat loads of marsh mallows!!  On a positive note  i’ve managed to get the group a vip fashion event with vouchers from bon marche.  OK, not my first choice! my mum shops there! I’m trying to fight getting old, I’m still young!  ( I keep telling myself that)  They do have an ok range of clothes and they were very supportive on what styles etc are best.  all i have to do now – get some more members, and find a venue to have the fashion event.  hopefully the event will help with my fashion blog!  Hopefully, the stoma nurses will help get some members and it’s the ostomist day at st james park next week.  Better get started on making some flyers to publicise the group.


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