first week of summer holidays!


Ok, if you have school age kids, you will get my point!!!  it is the first week of the summer holidays and i’m already exhausted!  All I can say is thank you squirt!!!!  last summer was awful!  BEING SO ILL AND HAVING TWO KIDS PESTERING CONSTANTLY!!!!!  Hope your first week of the ‘summer’ has gone well!

Last week I went to an open day for ostomists!  It was the first one I’ve been too, I didn’t know what to expect!  I was wanting to change delivery company as I really don’t like my current company.  Came away from the day with a splitting headache due to all the ‘sales’ teams pestering, and very confused and still not changed to a different company!  On a postive side Iwon a box of chocolates and requested loads of samples which have been steadily arriving in the post.  my next  few posts will have  pictures and my personal comments on these bags.  Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to bags.  feel free to leave your opinions on them!

Whilst i was walking around I spoke to one ‘sales rep’ who asked me what I enjoy doing, when I told her I normally do a lot of sports including watersports she jumped into sales mode and recomended one of her bags, obviously I’ll go in more depth later but I was scepticle of her claims, that was until I used it to go swimming with the kids!

So apart form boring sales reps, the rest of the week has been full of swimming, walking, and trying to keep the kids entertained.  I’ve also been working on the fashion video.  i still need pictures from willing people!!! So again I’m asking PLEASE!!!!

Ostomy lifestyle are sending me on there training course nuts and bolts of running and organising a group.  THE COURSE IS IN SEPTEMBER.  My stoma nurse  liked the idea of the group, I’m hoping the numbers will continue to grow steadily so that eventually we can get out of cyberspace and hold some fun days (and possibly some nights) out.  so far we have the VIP fashion day with bon marche, but i also like the idea of a day out in scarborough, to meet up with our yorkshire members, and so I can reminisce!  I live there for a few years and married my husband there! THAT WAS SO LONG AGO!!!!

Lots of love

Donna xxxxx


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