Bags, my experiences and opinions, part 1


I went to an open day where lots of companies were displaying there products.  i sent off for lots of samples to try and find my ‘perfect’ bag!  these are my personal experience of trying them.  Everyone is different so you may like a bag that i don’t.  A bag that react on my skin might be ok on yours, a bag thats good on me, might react on you!  so read what I’ve put, maybe it might make you consider experimenting yourself!  if you’ve tried any of these bags leave your experiences so people get a overall view.  if I’ve not tried a bag on this or part two, then tell us about it!

microskin midi mv04320k

It felt like I wasn’t wearing a bag!  it doesn’t have a flange.  do you know when they put an IV in and they cover with this thin clear sticky stuff to

hold it in place?  well thats what this bag uses to stick to the skin!  It took a bit of getting used to after having a heavy circle stuck to your tummy for months!  it survived 2 days and 1 night with no problems.  i really enjoyed wearing it.  the draining wasn’t as good as some products but, it wasn’t awful!  Removing the bag was not good!!! It hurt and removing it made my skin a little red, it soon past.  This bag has a window.


I REALLY HATE this bag!  I thought I’d try it becase it’s so small.  i had to empty it loads during the day, the flange was awful! everytime I moved it was uncomfortable!  For obvious reasons i had to change it the same day, and when I did remove it my skin was all sore and broken!


Coloplast 15761

I have been using this bag since I came out of hospital.  It is a very reliable bag, have kept it on for 3 days and 3 nights, draining is easy, sticks well, no skin problems.  Once i’ve ben in the bath I have to change it as it feels soggy, does not dry quickly and the flange feels as if its slipping.


Eurotech ileomate medium IMTV113

The rep told me that this would be ideal for me becuse of all the sports I like to do, I thought SHE WAS JUST TRYING TO GET ME TO USE HER PRODUCT!  She was right!  the cover is waterproof, water just slips off it!  I went swimming in the waterpark, went down slides, dodged waves, had a shower, got dried, and it was dry!  the flange remained stuck and didn’t feel like it was slipping! i didn’t have to do a bag change!  I kept the bag on for another night after swimming and had no problems!  it also has a nice finger pocket to help with draining!  The only downside was it was awful to get off!  it sticks so well that getting it off is not an easy task!  No skin problems, once the redness from removing it went!

I will be posting more bags soon once I’ve tried them!!!  feel free to leave your comments on these products.  We all have different likes and dilikes.


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  1. This is really interesting, thanks for taking the time to write it! I’ve only ever used the Dansac Novalife bags (I only gained my stoma in April) and haven’t had any problems with them, although I change every 2 days or so, which seems a little short compared to some. I also use flange extensions on the right-hand side, because otherwise the flange can start to come away after about 36 hours. I’d be intrigued to try the Coloplast bags – will have to try and get a sample.

    Thanks again,


    • I think everyones skin is different, My skin reacted to the dansac ones but not everyone does. If I have to use some extra stuff to keep a bag stuck down or have to change it after a short time, I don’t like it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist! you have to find what is best for you, and for your lifestyle. Good luck xx

  2. I’ve found loads of bags like that, but luckily have found some good ones! I’m doing part two today! Good luck with the coloplast ones, i like them they’re reliable – though I’m going to change to the eurotech ones I think! i’m glad this blog is helping people with there bag dilema’s

  3. I’m happy with my Hollister system, except when I want to go swimming. I’m going to try the eurotech and the microskin bags for swimming. Thanks for your research.

    • glad it helped! i’m going to start getting the eurotech ones mainly for swimming and stuff like that, and using the microskin ones at other times. my delivery company had difficulty finding the eurotech ones at first as they’re a new product, luckily they got back to me and have managed to find them.

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