Bags, my experiences and opinions part 2


I have suffered and experimented on your behalf to bring this second installment of my blog on bags!  Hope it helps you. As mentioned in part 1 these are my personal experiences, you might have different experiences.

Braun softima 1 piece

The flange was good on this bag.  lasted 2 days before beginning to come a little unstuck. Was easy enough to get off.  What i didn’t like about the bag was that it doesn’t have a window.  I struggled positioning the bag.  You can tuck the draining bit up but it doesn’t have any velcro of anything to keep it there.


Braun 2 piece

I liked the flange on this bag, especially the way the bags are guided into the flange.  I wasn’t too keen on the bags.  The small bag was too small, i was empying it frequently. these bags had no windows.  The large bag was too large.  Environmentally i don’t like changing a bag twice a day.

 Salts 1 piece with aloe vera

I was hoping this bag would be ok.  The bag itself is ok – good size, and window.  it was awkward to clean the draining area.  The flange unfortunately was a let down.  it kept coming unstuck, and only lasted a day.  my skin felt good afterwards though.


 Flange wasn’t very good, didn’t stick well to my skin. You have to roll up too many times so i found it is not good once you’ve drained. only good point is the way the drain bit goes round so empties a little easier. no window.


Hollister 28200

Does not stick very well! started coming lose the same day that I applied it! also you can’t tuck the drain bit up so it rubbed against my leg giving a little rash! no window.

Thats my experimenting done!  I think I’m going to go for the eurotech bag mentioned in part 1 along with the microskin.


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  1. Followed this link from IA site. Good idea, but maybe you should focus more on describing the bags themselves, rather than your actual experiences with them – 2 reasons, firstly to give people a better understanding of what each bag is like, eg, mention unique features about the bag, if it’s got 2 filters, or a split cover etc, 2nd reason, what is unsuitable for you may be suitable for another and I’m worried that a new ostomate will read some of this and steer clear of bags that you’ve given negative comments about when actually one of those maybe the perfect one for them. I also think you should list the actual product codes as well, I use Braun Softima flow 2 piece, but it is not the 2piece that you’ve got on here, I have also tried the softima flow 1 piece but the picture you’ve got on here looks different to what I’ve tried and also to whats on their website.

    • hi, thanks. I made it clear that these were my personal experiences and that everyone is different, i wanted it to be more relaxed and a description of my feelings and likes. Everyone has different likes and preferences, i should have listed more descriptive features. I just took pictures of the bags i was sent as samples from each of the copmpnies, i wrote the numbers etc where i could.

  2. Use to use a 2 piece colostomy pouch with the clip,don’t like the roll up or velcro,due to it getting any poo on it,now I use the 1 piece,Active life drainable pouch with a clip [which I feel safer with] both of my stoma’s [I use convatec]haven’t tried the colostomy with the vent [gas]I loved the Cymed,but ended up with blisters,some of the pouches u use ,we don’t have here in the U.S.and the Hollister ,I can’t figure out how to apply it [colostomy]

    • I don’t liek some of the velcro draining bags especially if you have to roll them up a lot, it makes them almost useless after a couple of drains. these bags are for ileostomies, though is there really that much difference? I’ve never tried a bag with a clip, I’d worry that it’d rub and hurt. i know you can get the microskin, coloplast and hollister ones in the U.S. you probably get some really innovative bags that we can’t get over here.

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