summer is nearly over!


It’s been and up and down sort of summer but it’s been a healthy one!  We haven’t really done anything, not gone away, or done anything exciting, but I was able to enjoy my kids and my husband.  i’m still new to being a stoma girl, still got lots of challenges but because I have my wonderful husband to support me I can do anything!  In two days I’ll be working a full day, and soon i’ll be starting a job as a school pastor 1 day a week.  Whenever I get down, I thank squirt for giving me my life back. My fellow stoma girls aren’t having the best of times, making decisions about surgery, waiting for surgery, trying to get somewhere with doctors over surgery, and some struggling with life and their stoma.  I will always be here for you guys!  My stoma may be young, and some have a lot more experience  but i have a big heart and you can sound of me or ask me to pray.  We all need each other, and through having squirt I’ve met some amazing stoma girls around the world.  Some a lot younger than me but wise beyond there years!  i love you all guys!



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