Monthly Archives: October 2011

hi everyone!


sorry i’ve been missing for so long!!!!

I attended the ostomy lifestyle training for running a support group, it was very interesting and informative!  I have opened the group up to guys as well!!!

a lot has been going on, two of our girls have had surgery to make there stomas permanent, another is having further surgery tomorrow!  My love goes out to all who have had or are having surgery!!  I’ve started going to the colostomy association support group in byker on a friday, they are a really nice group, ok guys your probably asking why?  well yes I have an ileostomy notr a colostomy but where I live the ileostomy association is no good, and in general i’ve not been too impressed with them!  The CA however are wonderful, and they don’t min d be being around, and like me think an ostomy is an ostomy!  I think they like the fresh young blood LOL!!!!

Since my last post i have yet again been out there!!!  I again went camping, done some stepping stone hopping resulting in falling on my bottom and getting wet, swimming, climbing, abseilling and toboggoning. I’m determined to get it out there that you can still do anything with an ostomy!  I plan on zip wiring off the tyne bridge next year, and am hoping to be apart of the clipper round the world yacht race in 2013, though money is a big issue!!! will need lots of sponsorship!!  I need some more challenges!  send your suggestions!!

I’m hoping top get some social events happening, i’m still working on a VIP fashion event, and want to have a meal out either before or after christmas.  i can’t run a social group alone, if we are to jump out of cyberspace  I need willing helpers.  i also need a way to reach people not online, and to help pair up people near to each other.

hope everyone is doing ok.  Speak soon xxxxx